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House Flipper
  • Developer: Empyrean
  • Genre: Simulation, Sandbox, 3D
  • Version: 3.1.3
User Rating: Rating 4.47

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Release Date
17 May, 2018
Frozen District, PlayWay S.A.
Simulation, Sandbox, 3D
Windows PC


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Free House Flipper Game for PC

James Ramirez

Software product is a house renovation game where the user gets to purchase, sell, renovate properties in order to build their empire. Software product combines the strategy of a business tycoon with the design aspects of a home renovation show. App is a simulation game download House Flipper PC which is about purchasing, renovating, reselling houses. Person has to make sure that they find a building in a good condition, make improvements, resell it for a profit. Application is a simulator game with a goal to renovate and sell. The gameplay is very simple, consisting of a single menu with a few options.

Person starts with a three-story House Flipper unblocked that she can renovate. Person can buy a building with a bulldozer and buy all the necessary materials from the store menu. The player has to do all the renovations, from painting the walls to installing a new oven. Person can create a garden or a backyard. Person can make a list of the furniture she wants to buy and place. There is a menu with a few options, such as a room with a list of furniture, with a list of buildings, a list of houses with a bulldozer or a list of materials. Person can choose a tutorial.

Software product is a game House Flipper free download where the player becomes an investor in real estate. Software product is an economic simulation where the player must make decisions on the renovation, location, price of the property to make the endeavor profitable. The player is in control of all aspects, from the kitchen to the exterior. Software product allows the player to decide the layout of the rooms, which to renovate, how to market the property. Software product is a construction and renovation simulation application House Flipper download where you get to create your own dream home and watch it come to life before your eyes. Starting with a run-down, old school brick and mortar, you'll get to tear it down and rebuild it from the ground up and give it your own personal touch. You'll have to hire workers, buy materials, use your expertise to create a beautiful home.


Graphics are really well done. Software product is made in style of a cartoon and the colors are bright and cheerful. There are all sorts of animations in app, like when you drop an object in application, it bounces and sound of object hitting ground is heard. App House Flipper game download has a cartoonish art style. Buildings are usually in a bright, cheery color like yellow or pink. Graphics are very bright and colorful.


Video game House Flipper free download PC where user becomes boss of their company and has to make decisions on how to renovate and sell. Person can choose from a variety of materials to renovate with and then sell it off. There are also options to purchase and sell other properties and to hire and train workers to help out. Gameplay is really well done. Software product is not hard to figure out and it is not hard to figure out what you need to do to succeed in game. Software product play House Flipper free has a lot of details in it which makes it realistic. Player starts game with $10,000 and has to choose how to invest it. Person can buy a building, improve it, rent it out for profit. With profit, player can buy more buildings to renovate and increase their profit. Player can choose to invest in other properties, such as businesses or stocks. User has option to sell properties at any time.


Multiplayer option in House Flipper download free is a feature that allows players to play together with other players. Player can host a game and invite other players to join.


Is a game download House Flipper free with a lot of replayability. It can be difficult to get on top of the business and to get ahead of the competition, so game keeps player invested by making them want to beat their own high scores. The player always has the chance to renovate buildings with different materials and to try different strategies. Software product has good replayability. Software product is always changing and it is always new because there are different types of buildings that player can purchase in game, like a suburban home, a loft, or a mansion. Is a game House Flipper download PC that is easy to replay. The player can choose a different building to renovate or a different country and city to renovate a building.


  • How many people can play game House Flipper PC download simultaneously?
    Up to four people can play game at the same time.

  • I'm stuck on software product, what should I do?
    You can check out the House Flipper free play game guide.

  • Software product didn't download, what should I do?
    Check your game installation folder.

  • How much does the game cost?
    Software product costs $4.99.



House Flipper is a great game. Software product has good graphics, gameplay, replayability. It is easy to figure out how to play the game and it is fun to play.


  • Graphics are well done;
  • Is super addictive;
  • Will appeal to all types of gamers.


  • Puzzles are sometimes difficult to figure out;
  • Is a game install House Flipper that is so addicting that you will want to play it all the time.

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